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If youíve found out ants in your house, follow the needed steps required to remove of these basic pests. Learn more about ant removal and remedy steps you can take to make sure there are no ants in your home.

Ants in Perth
Several different species of insect are in Australia its like is home. Some commonly found Ant Pest species.

White-footed house ant is roughly 2.7mm in length – the body is black in color – yellow feet.
Carpenter ants various in color – dark brown -from black -to a brownish orange – the workers are roughly 6 to 12 mm in length.
Bulldog or bull ants Bulldog ants are approximately 10 to 20mm in
the Odorous house ant is roughly 2 to 3 mm in length – brown to black color
Typical coastal brown ant is often baffled with the Argentine Ant.

Ants can survive inside wall cavities under buildings and although white-footed house ants are usually to set its home in air conditioning units. If you come across bulldog ants, leave alone as they can exact an agonizing pain.

Within the home, such as pet bowls or bins.

Summer time the ants are out in force, increasing up their numbers and always searching food to stored in their colony nest for the colder winter months.

Why Ants Can Be Harmful?

Some species of ant have a horrible bite, but they can cause other problems in the house too. White-footed ants usually exposure air conditioning units as they build their nests, and all species of ants are carrying and spreading germs and disease in the home.

Ant trails and mounds in a garden can be ugly and can even cause the problem to lawns and paths.

Ant Prevention
Remove the likelihood of ants setting up base in your home by keeping food stored in airtight bin or containers and above floor. If you have any pets at home, immediately empty their food bowls after theyíve finished eating, make sure you empty rubbish bins regularly. The shelter and food usually attractants so reducing any food sources is a useful preventative measure.

Complete identification of the particular ant species is critical to implementing a control program. Few species nest in your roof void, others are more likely find a home in ground or wall cavity.

Ants take the bait -an insect growth regulator is fast, so it’s recommend seeking a professional pest controller that uses the latest technology and ant baits licensed products.

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